Welcome to The Betta Spa. 

This site provides detailed information about The Betta Spa, the World's most beautiful heated Betta fish environment.  The Betta Spa provides an easy to care for and Natural home for your Betta fish.

Information is also available for the full Betta Spa product line which includes:

Betta Spa Water Conditioners

Betta Spa Premium Foods

Betta Spa Accessories

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Betta Spa products will make your Betta fish happy and healthy and reduce the time it takes you to maintain his environment.

About Us

The Betta Spa company is located in Ambler, PA, just outside the Philadelphia metro area.

Our specialties include combining many century old traditional practices with modern technologies to bring you new and innovative products that improve the quality of life for your Betta fish and at the same time make the maintainence of your Betta fish home simple and convenient.

The Betta Spa is dedicated to the development of premium quality products and providing you with reliable service for these products.  We look forward to talking with you.  To contact us, please send email to the following address:

email us at:         customerservice@bettaspa.com

We appreciate your interest in The Betta Spa product line as well as your dedication to keeping Betta fish, a centuries old tradition.